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The ten years spanning from 1970 to 1980 ushered in a new era of Americana. The Vietnam war ended, the War on Drugs began. The youth stopped rioting in the streets of America’s cities. The flame of black revolution burned out and the calls of Black Power were replaced with a call for green money. The charismatic black ghetto princes who had evolved from criminal marketeers, policy men, pimps, smack dealers, street entrepreneurs and gangsters into radical anti-America, revolutionaries had evolved again into being community organizers. The millions of under-educated black youth who had been rioting and running wild since the 1960’s were now being organized into today’s modern street gangs and prison gangs.
Cheap drugs and even cheaper guns began flowing like tears and blood into the eager hands of America’s newly minted black street gangs. The Sandinista War in Nicaragua and the C.I.A.’s admitted duplicity made it illegally-legal for South American military drug cartels to flood American with trillions of dollars worth of cocaine, heroin and marijuana in exchange for money so that they could buy weapons from the Iranians in what later became the Iran Contra Scandal of the 1980’s.

With trillions of dollars worth of illegal drugs and an endless supply of guns circulating throughout America’s criminal underground, the street gangs turned into gorilla capitalists. As drug-dealer competition emerged, what was left of the community, in the so-called “community organizations,” died while giving birth to the crack epidemic.

Ghetto economics in the form of protecting market share—location, location, location—spawned turf wars over territory. Block by block, street corner by street corner, neighborhood by neighborhood, area code by area code, state by state, region by region, the gang turf-wars evolved into gang wars. By the late 1980’s, the street gangs had committed patricide. They had murdered the very community organizations who had birthed them. Youth gangs, like wolf packs, began patrolling, killing and dying for their territory. Gangs protecting their territories became most important to them, not because they had a sentimental connection with that particular neighborhood or love for the neighborhood, as naive outsiders mistakenly believe. Fact is, those neighborhoods and territories represented their real estate. Territories represent market share, hunting grounds and economic zones of influence. In their eyes, for them to allow members of a competing wolf pack to trespass into their economic zone of influence would result in losing economic influence. Economic trespass is as egregious to them as it would be for McDonald's to discover that Burger King was selling hamburgers in their parking lots. This is why, in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and 1990’s, the “big homies in the hood” protected, represented, died and killed for their “hoods” and “blocks.” Their reverence for the “hood” has never been about love! It has always been about the cold, hard business of protecting the “hoods,” market share, and manipulating the youth to die and cry all the way to prison while old G’s laughed all the way to the bank. This is the phony ghetto-romanticism which Hip Hop’s thug culture is born—the illusion of the gangster’s paradise that is, in reality, a nightmare for your individual public safety and the American family's quality of life. The buck stops here!

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